“The first smart railway stretch of new generation presented on the line Reggio Emilia – Sassuolo”

Reggio Emilia, 7th September 2018. Greenrail and Ferrovie Emilia Romagna inaugurated today the first pilot stretch constructed with new generation smart railway sleepers, which allow a sustainable infrastructural development in tune with new frontiers of big data and energy savings. The technology applied for the first time on the Italian railway infrastructure foresees the [...]

Agreement between Greenrail and Indra: railways of the future one step closer!

Today, the technology company and the startup of the year in Italy signed an agreement for expertise exchange, joined development of innovative solutions for the railway sector and for pilot projects Integration of Indra sensors and systems in Greenrail eco-sustainable railway sleepers will allow to obtain real time data about track’s and train’s condition, [...]

Greenrail Startup of the Year 2017

The company founded by Giovanni De Lisi, which has designed railway sleepers made of recycled materials, was awarded by a jury of 100 representatives of entities such as Microsoft, AXA, Unicredit, and sponsors: Eni and Sanofi. It was Greenrail, which was selected as the Best Startup of the year 2017, among 10 finalists at [...]

“Industry: Greenrail finalizes a license contract with the USA for 75 million Euros”

Greenrail, an Italian company, example of sustainable industrial development following the circular economy’s principles, which has designed a new concept of an innovative and eco-sustainable railway sleeper, patented in 79 countries worldwide, has finalized the first license contract with SafePower1, an American company created by local entrepreneurs and investors from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, [...]

Asian Development Bank

Many thanks to eng. Sohail Hasnie from Asian Development Bank - ADB for sharing the real innovation behind Greenrail project: railway infrastructure capable of producing clean energy.  

Good Energy Award 2017

For Greenrail, winning the Energy Award 2017 confirms the effectiveness of the green economy model, in which we have believed and invested. A confirmation, which makes up for the courage of a small startup, founded by Giovanni De Lisi, who believed and still strongly believes in the necessity of changing the direction. Greener, more [...]

New Heroes: Greenrail

What is Greenrail? The founder of Greenrail is Giovanni De Lisi: a 30-year-old Sicilian, currently based in Milan. When I was interviewing him in the company's office at Polihub, startups' incubator of Polytechnic University of Milan, he began with a promise: "Greenrail was not born in front of a desk, but out in the [...]

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