Greenrail is an Italian company, internationally recognised as an innovative player of the railway sector, and as an example of a sustainable industrial development in accordance with circular economy’s principles.
It was created as a result of its founder Giovanni Maria De Lisi’s wide experience in the railway sector, and his idea to develop an innovative and sustainable railway sleeper, offering better technical, environmental and economical features, compared to the present standard sleepers in the sector.
The technology developed by Greenrail allows the production of railway sleepers with secondary raw materials, using a blend of rubber collected from ELTs (End of Life Tyres) and plastic from urban waste.
The intellectual property of Greenrail’s technology is protected on a worldwide scale in more than 70 patent offices in the world.
Moreover, Greenrail is able to design and produce various kinds of railway sleepers, according to the specific international technical regulations and clients’ particular needs.

The company handles the whole process of design, prototyping and testing of the products, distinguishing itself on the international level as a synonym of innovation and sustainability, collaborating with primary research centres and industrial partners.


We believe in the restoring function of the industry and its new social role. Our mission is to find the most efficient and sustainable solutions in the railway sector, able to generate value and wealth for the market, civil society and environment.


The future and planet’s protection cannot leave out the development of a sustainable industry.