Greenrail™ sleeper, thanks to its particular structure and composition, is able to integrate various types of systems.
Currently, Greenrail is involved in three research projects for implementation of integrated systems, with an objective to launch onto the market, apart from Greenrail™ sleeper, Greenrail Solar™, Greenrail LinkBox™ and Greenrail Piezo™ sleepers. The funding scheme of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 co-finances Greenrail project also for the activities of Research and Development of these three SMART products.


Greenrail Solar™ is a Greenrail sleeper, which integrates a photovoltaic module allowing to transform the rail way in photovoltaic power stations, with a high productivity of sustainable energy.

Greenrail LinkBox™ is a Greenrail Solar sleeper, which integrates various types of systems, both for transmission of control or security data, and telecommunication.

Greenrail Piezo™ is a Greenrail sleeper, which integrates piezoelectric systems generating electric energy to supply diagnostic devices.