We care about the planet.
Its preservation is our major concern, because we believe that the change is possible. It starts within ourselves, here and now. That
s why our mission in Greenrail is to tackle the present severe environmental issues as well as make railways more sustainable and eco-friendly.

For Greenrail, the industrial growth today can only go through a sustainable development. By merging environmental protection with rational use of energy and technological innovation, Greenrail has created a reference market, a space, which did not exist before. Greenrail has designed and developed its railway sleeper with a green point of view, which allows an important contribution to the reuse of waste.

Greenrail sleeper is in fact sustainable, as it is made of recycled plastic and rubber collected from End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs).

From the environmental point of view, Greenrail™ guarantees also:

  • improvement of air quality;
  • reduction of the acoustic impact of the train’s passage, thanks to the outer shell;
  • smaller need for rail lines’ maintenance.

Greenrail sleeper is a proof that sustainability is not an abstract concept, but a value, which can be turned into a tangible solution.Thinking of the clearer, more sustainable, and more connected world is possible.