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To meet the challenge, it is essential to find correct team members and it was no different for Greenrail.
Since its foundation in 2012, the company has grown both in number of professionals working for it, and in number of partners, who believe in Greenrail’s mission and collaborate to help the company complete it.
In order to address the challenges of the expanding international market in a better way, Greenrail’s management has made multidisciplinarity an indispensible requirement. Therefore, engineering, management, marketing, or institutional and legal relationships are only some of the competences, which make up the Board and the Team of this company.


Giovanni Maria De Lisi
Giovanni Maria De LisiChief Executive Officer
Emanuele Occhipinti
Emanuele OcchipintiVice President, Chief Operating Officer
Firas Bunni
Firas BunniChief Tecnology Officer
Diego Pellizzari
Diego PellizzariExecutive Assistant
Giancarlo Lauriano
Giancarlo LaurianoChief Communication Officer
Fabio Guinci
Fabio GuinciIndustrial Designer
Annalisa De Lisi
Annalisa De LisiAdministration & Accounting
Maura Saltimbanco
Maura SaltimbancoChief Research Grant Officer
Alessandro Patruno
Alessandro PatrunoTechnology Officer Assistant
Dawid Janik
Dawid JanikExhibition & Events Officer
Daniele Smoglica
Daniele SmoglicaChemical & Moulding Production